Engine Engine 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel 37 hp
Load capacity 4000kg
Loading area 1,43 m2
Loading area lenght 2600mm-3200mm
Gearbox Mecanical, 4 forward and 1 reverse
Max Speed 20khH
Drive Mechanical 8 wheel drive
Wheel drive arrangement Bogie
Brakes Hydraulic 8-wheel brakes mechanical hand brake
Steering Servo, Orbitrol
Wheels and spacing 31x15.50-15
Loading area  Double beam Pipe bolsters or U-Type
Chassis Hydraulically extendable-shortenable 600mm
Length (min, max) 5794mm-6394mm
Width (max) 1910mm
Maximum height 2555mm
Crane  500 or 550
Grapple  0,12/0,17/0,18pro
Curb weight 3450kg